8 Effective Variations of Ab Crunches

Performing ab crunches can help you get a flatter tummy unquestionably, but crunches tend to get quite boring after a while. To spice up your workout, you can modify the ab crunches that you do. These small modifications will not only pose more challenges for you in the workout, but the variety will also keep you interested. It is also recommended you consume fat burning diet foods to complement the workouts. Below is a list of modified ab crunches that can give your workouts a much needed makeover:

  1. Modified Bicycle Crunch: To do this modified crunch, you must lie on the back placing your hands behind the ears and keeping the arms in one line. You need to raise your head with the hands to a 45 degree angle and while doing this, you must bend the knees before you so that you heel touch the floor or mat. You must then lift the right knee to a 90 degree angle bringing your left elbow to that knee. You will then have to change sides to repeat the same movement so that your core is fully engaged.
  2. Standing Crunches: This is also a rather dynamic workout because it can activate your leg and arms muscles as well as your abdominal muscles. You need to stand with feet hip-width distance and bring the arms up towards the ceiling with the palms facing each other. You must then engage the core muscles to raise the right knee to the level of your hips; simultaneously, you have to lower the arms on the sides to bring them to the waist. Then you need to go back to the original position to repeat the action on the opposite side.
  3. V-Sit Crunch: For this, you must lie down on the floor with arms beside your head and the hands trying to reach a wall behind you. You have to keep the feet straight, engage the core muscles to lift the right leg in the air straight till it is at right angles to the floor. You must then pull the upper body towards this leg in order for your hands to touch the shin bone or the ankle.
  4. Reverse Crunch: Here, you need to lie on the back with bent knees and feet flat but at hip-width distance. The hands have to be at the sides with palms facing downwards. You must press the ground with the legs to use the abs to raise the hips and hold this for a couple of seconds. The hips have to be lowered as you lift the legs and pull the knees closer to your chest.
  5. Kickboxing Crunch: You must first stand in a kickboxing position with the feet hip-width apart. The left arm is bent at the side while you punch with the right arm towards the side from bottom to top. You have to then engage the core to squat and then pull the right knee to the chest for a crunch. After this, you have to kick the right leg out with hands at the sides and repeat this motion about 8 times before changing the side.
  6. Dumbbell Crossover Punch: Here, you lie on the back with bent knees and feet are flat nearly two feet from the butt. You have to hold weights using both hands at the chest and elbows on the ground. Keeping this posture intact you must roll up gently to a sitting position. You have to twist your body to the left as you punch the right hand to the outer part of the left knee. Then you need to bring this hand back to the chest as you twist back to the original position.
  7. Crunchy Frog: You need to sit down balancing the weight behind your sit bones; you can recline slightly to raise the feet above the ground as you pull your knees to the chest. As you breathe out, you have to pull your navel to the spine. You can slowly lean back then to open the arms to your sides as you straighten the legs.
  8. Pilates Roll-Down: Here, you need to sit down at the front of the mat with bent knees and legs in a parallel position. You must then stretch the arms towards the ceiling for spinal lengthening. As you breathe out, you can pull the abs towards the spine and roll back down gently on the floor, touching one vertebra at one time. Then you exhale to roll up taking the spine off the ground again.