Comfortable Exercises to Burn Belly Fat at Home

You do not have to get a gym membership to burn the belly fat; it is possible to stay healthy on a good diet and get a sculpted and toned body even at home by doing comfortable workouts which will not get you exhausted. Working out on gym machines is something that not everyone likes to do; this is especially true when you have long work hours and feel too lethargic to drive down to the gym after work. So, you can try doing some of these following workouts which are quite simple and will not leave you panting for breath:

  • Jump Rope Exercise: An easy way to burn the extra calories and get rid of the belly fat is to use a jump rope. Athletes and professional boxers have always used the jump rope to keep themselves toned. While doing this workout, you should aim to stay close to the ground; you can even change the pace of the jumps by going fast and then slow alternately or alternate one foot against both to challenge yourself further.
  • Hula Hooping: Another fun activity that you can easily perform at home and which can help you burn the belly fat is the hula hoop. When you have children at home, this equipment is not hard to find; it is however wise to buy an adult-sized hoop when you are serious about burning the fat. You have to keep this hoop in motion as it circles your hips; the back and forth movement makes hula hooping simpler and effective.
  • Stability Ball Exercises: The fitness ball or stability ball can be used for home workouts to burn belly fat. You need to fill a ball with air and you can then use it for multiple workouts. You can perform many types of crunches or planks to make your core muscles stronger and to get flatter abs. research proves that crunches performed with the stability balls can be 38% more effective when it comes to trimming your abs and burning the belly fat.
  • Leg Extension Crunch: You can use either a yoga mat or a towel for this workout; you have to keep your legs extended completely and knees towards the ceiling, with your heels placed firmly on the ground. The feet should be separated at hip-width distance and after locking the fingers behind your head; you must bend your knees and lift the shoulders, neck and head off the floor while straightening the left knee to keep the leg two feet over the ground. This posture must be held for about five seconds after which you can bring the left knee to your chest. Following this, you must extend the right leg in the same way after lifting your shoulders, head and neck off the ground.
  • Toe Touches: To do this, you can lie on a yoga mat and keep the knees bent at right angles with your feet in the air. The calves should be parallel to the floor and arms to the side so that the palms press against the ground. You need to hold your abdominal muscles and touch the left toes to the floor. The leg is then brought up to its original position and the movement is repeated using the right leg.