Bowflex Max trainer M7 Reviews

The Max Trainer M7 is the latest addition from Bowflex that offers splendid results for fitness enthusiasts. This piece of equipment uses the same concept as the Max 5 and Max. It basically uses a concept that combines many movements. Users can obtain the effect of the elliptical machine and the leg workout is equivalent to a stair climber. When these two effects are combined, it gives stronger outcomes. The machine helps to offer weight loss outcomes faster than you think. Users can lose approximately 300 calories within the duration of 15 minutes. All other intricate details of the machine can be known by going through Max Trainer Reviews found online. The calories can be burned quickly especially if you are using high intensity level.

Beneficial features of Max Trainer M7

  • Best Display: The M7 model offers a complete functional display with a larger screen and backlit for clear vision. You can view metrics such as the duration of workouts, calories burned and more.
  • The Programming: The Max Trainer M7 adapts to your sessions without any hassle depending on your goals and how successfully you accomplish them. You will be offered with new workout plans to keep you moving one step ahead and get fitter quickly. If you are lagging behind, the programming has the ability of adapting until you reach the next level of fitness. Unlike other machines that wait for users to change the programming level, M7 does it for you.
  • Preset Workouts: The M7 offers workouts that are preset and users can choose them as per requirement. A workout can be chosen based on objective of the user. For instance, if weight loss is all you want, you can pick cardio setting and perform workouts for a longer duration with less exertion. But, if you want to build muscles, you can change the settings accordingly and work for a shorter duration of time with high exertion level. When you choose the programs, the machine guides you through the instructions displayed on screen.
  • Multiple User Profiles: The key benefit of Max Trainer M7 is that it can be used by the entire family. It has multiple user profiles that help family members perform workout at their own pace. There is no question of disruption or getting distracted as each user can save the workouts and goals separately. This is one of the best features that most families make best use of. So, a single piece of equipment helps 4 persons obtain the fitness benefits completely.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Users can connect the machine to their phones through Bluetooth technology to listen to music while the session is on. The Max Trainer application is also available as it monitors, and syncs your workouts. It helps in organizing your workout schedule without giving any scope for miss outs or irregularity. There is no additional effort required to track your fitness routine.

Thus, the Max Trainer M7 is designed using superior quality materials. The device is compact and lightweight with ergonomic handles and stainless steel pedals for durability. It is one of the robust workout equipment ideal for homeowners or people with hectic schedules. With Max Trainer M3, you can lose weight and stay in shape for life