5 Simple Upper Body Workouts For Women

Performing upper body workouts will not make women resemble a bodybuilder in any way or pump up their muscles so much that they look like a man; a woman’s physiology and hormones will ensure that she does not look like a professional bodybuilder. Women have far less testosterone than men and they are capable of training their upper body without looking bulky. To get an athletic body as a matter of fact, it is indeed important to do upper body workouts because these will help in bone modeling that is allowing bones to adapt to load through changes in shape and size, getting rid of the weaker bone tissues. Bone modeling is needed to prevent injuries and fractures that become common because of osteoporosis. Even the ligaments and cartilages which hold bones together tend to become unstable and may be prone to injuries unless they are strengthened with upper body exercises. As women strengthen their upper body, in increases their lean mass and reduce fat storage. So exercises help to accelerate women’s metabolism and results in oxidation of fats. By carrying more muscles, women can actually burn higher number of calories. The following are some easy upper body workouts which women can perform:

  1. Bicep Curls: In this exercise, you must stand with your feet at hip-width distance and little-bent arms on both sides.  Using free weights in each of the hands and with the palms facing up, you have to raise the arms to the level of the chest and lower them.
  2. Pushup on Ball: In this you can use a stability ball and get yourself in a push-up posture with hands under the shoulders and the feet on the ball. As you breathe out, you must bend the elbows and lower the chest towards the ground. You can then breathe in to raise the chest to go back to the start position.
  3. Triceps Push-Up: This is also a pushup because it is designed to target all your major muscle groups in the upper body like the chest, shoulders, arms and the core. But the triceps push-up is slightly different from the standard push-ups because you will place the hands much closer together to focus on your triceps. This workout is believed to be the most effective for women keen to tone their upper bodies particularly the back of their upper arms that appears to be one of the key problem areas for most women.
  4. Bench Dip: Here, you must place your feet on the stability ball and the palms on a bench with fingers facing frontward and the bottom lifted off this bench. As you breathe out, you need to lower the hips by bending your elbows slightly. When you are able to feel the resistance, you should breathe in and straighten your arms to lift the hips to the original position. The core muscles need to be held absolutely tight during this workout.
  5. Rotating Arms: This workout will help to work out your arm muscles and you need a strong core for holding the posture. To do this exercise, you need to lie on a bench with your arms extended well on both sides. You have to hold barbells in both your hands; breathe in to lift these and move the arms right behind your head to hold the extension. Arms have to be lifted in a manner so that they come in front and then go to your sides again as you breathe out.